Untitled #3 (Small Archive of Precarious Houses)

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25 x 25 cm paper size
23.20 x 23 cm image size

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50 x 50 cm paper size
40.35 x 40 cm image size

Edition of 3


100 x 100 cm paper size
85.75 x 85 cm image size

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NB: This is a Lambda print on C-type photographic paper. All our prints come with a certificate signed by the artist and a unique edition number. The prints are produced with a white border around the photograph to allow for framing. We also have included some cotton gloves to protect the print during handling.

Small Archive of Precarious Houses by Caroline de Vries is a collection of photographs of temporary habitations found on the streets of countries she has visited. Interested in the idea of a collective narrative and the effect placing images within a series can have on the individual photograph Caroline uses this work to explore the very process of documentary photography.

Through repetition of the subject, we stop seeing the single image and begin to create a narrative informed by the similarities between each ramshackled construction. Their intensely personal characteristics are both overshadowed by the drive to perceive the series and also reinforced by our capacity to see the variants of their shape and form. It is no accident that the "Typologies" of Bernd and Hilla Becher are an important influence in Caroline's work.

"Untitled #3" is a caravan in Lofsdalen in Sweden. Caroline was drawn to the candle tree, traditionally placed in Swedish windows during the Christmas festivities. Usually associated with thoughts of warm summer holidays, the caravan looks abandoned and cold, almost buried by the deep snow but the comforting presence of the glowing candles offers us an altogether more magical narrative.

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