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Edition of 300


20.30 x 25.40 cm paper size
18.73 x 22.86 cm image size

Edition of 30


50 x 60 cm paper size
40.97 x 50 cm image size

Edition of 3


100 x 120 cm paper size
81.94 x 100 cm image size

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NB: This is a Lambda print on C-type photographic paper. All our prints come with a certificate signed by the artist and a unique edition number. The prints are produced with a white border around the photograph to allow for framing. We also have included some cotton gloves to protect the print during handling.

At first glance what you see in Christine Erhard's "Crossing" is an urban landscape where roads crisscross with pedestrian walkways and street lights provide safe passage for traffic and walkers alike. Everything seemingly familiar and in its rightful place, nothing very remarkable.

Then you notice the large lamp hanging from the top of the picture, without any support, suspended from the sky and the spaces that don't quite make sense. This is the joy and wonder of Christine's work, the assertion of a reality where none exists.

Mixing found images, digital photography, household fixtures and cardboard, Christine constructs her imaginary scenes. She starts with photographs, pasting them onto pieces of cardboard, which are fashioned into the shapes of walls, steps, bridges. She then arranges these into a 3D model, placing key objects to emphasis further the idea of perspective within the 3D model space. The model is built specifically for the camera and the process of photographing it unites the various fragments, photographs and objects into a coherent visual space, produced on a single, flat image surface.

The result is a photograph that rewards close inspection and successfully plays with our perceptions of what is real and what isn't.

Artist's video and more information