A Mile from Zhang Jiang High Technology Park, Shanghai (After the Fall)

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25.40 x 20.30 cm paper size
22.20 x 17.75 cm image size

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60 x 50 cm paper size
50 x 40 cm image size

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120 x 100 cm paper size
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NB: This is a Lambda print on C-type photographic paper. All our prints come with a certificate signed by the artist and a unique edition number. The prints are produced with a white border around the photograph to allow for framing. We also have included some cotton gloves to protect the print during handling.

Hin Chua describes himself as a hunter of images. Using maps to locate potential targets in the landscape, Hin roams the streets and suburbs seeking out intersections where the urban and rural landscapes collide. Sometimes absurd and often comical, Hin's eye searches out points of interest that lift his images beyond a simple documentary record of our world.

In this photograph "A Mile from Zhang Jiang High Technology Park, Shanghai", a seemingly familiar landscape of electricity pylons is given a delightful frisson by a snapped power cable, caught as if by the wind, dangling like a broken limb. Weeds sprout up defying their concrete surroundings.

"It's like jazz," Hin says, "you are just out there riffing", catching a moment that is unpredictable and improvised.

Artist's video and more information