Submissions & Reviews

We are a curated gallery and do not take submissions.

However due to the large number of requests we have had for advice and feedback from photographers and artists we have introduced regular Portfolio Review Days.

The review sessions are held every month and are conducted by our Director of Photography, Bridget Coaker. Each review lasts approximately three quarters of an hour during which you will receive advice about how to get the work published and/or exhibited when appropriate and be offered a critique on style, presentation and content.

So if you are interested in receiving professional feedback on your photography and advice on career development please sign up for one of our Portfolio Review Days.

To get the most out of your session it is advisable to bring your completed work(s), ideally in print form, along with your CV and a statement about the work(s) you wish to discuss.

There is no set limit about the number of images to include in your portfolio, but it is recommended not to bring more than two or three completed series in order to benefit from a more in depth discussion about your portfolio.

Each session costs £75 and you can purchase a ticket over the phone. If you have a preferred time please email us (please include the word 'review' in the email header). We will send confirmation of your allotted date and time once payment has been received.

All reviews are conducted in our gallery The Front Room, at 8 Lambourn, London SW40LY.

***Tickets for Portfolio Reviews are available to purchase over the phone. Please call 020 7062 1133.

Tickets cost £75 for a single session.


  • Please bring bodies of work that you can talk about. We suggest one or two coherent series are better than a collection of random images. Please supply a short statement about the work.
  • We prefer to see physical prints.
  • Please expect a rigorous discussion.