We are so passionate about photography that we set up Troika Editions, a space dedicated to promoting photographers and making contemporary photography available to everyone.

At Troika Editions we want to encourage the collecting of photography. Regularly we publish new photographs and artists' books for you to choose from. To help you we provide videos featuring each artist discussing their work, brief reviews and light heartened Q & A's.

Signed certificates

Each print will come with a certificate signed by the artist and indicating its unique edition number. This is proof of the print's authenticity and should be kept in case you ever wish to sell the print in the future or if it is necessary to prove its provenance. See our brief history of limited editions in FAQs.

How we print

Your image will be printed immediately after we receive your order. We aim to send it out within 48 hours so that it reaches you within 3-4 working days (in the UK).

The type of process used to produce each image is selected by the artist and will either be a Lambda or Giclée digital print on high quality archival paper.

Before the final prints are made we produce a number of test print for the artists to approve quality and colour fidelity. All prints are checked against these approved samples before being shipped.

Lambda prints

Lambda prints are produced using three coloured lasers (red, green and blue) exposing directly onto conventional photographic paper, which is then processed in the same manner as the traditional photographic print by developing in "wet" chemistry. Lambda is the name of the machine these prints are produced on. The prints are often called C-type or digital C-type.

Giclée prints

Giclée prints - the word Giclée ("g-clay") comes from the French gicler meaning "to squirt, spurt, or spray" - are high quality digital inkjet prints produced on art paper.

Both processes produce archival and colourfast prints. This is of course depends on many different factors. The main thing to bear in mind is to keep the print under glass and out of direct sunlight. See framing advice for more information.

Print sizes

It might help you to note that the first sizes quoted are for the dimensions of the paper and not the printed image. The printed image will be placed within this paper leaving a border on all sides. The size of the image is also quoted for each printed photograph.

Please note that the border shown is approximate and may vary with the each print size. The exact sizes will be specified in the detailed information accompanying each photograph.

A quick word on copyright

Copyright remains with the artist. Troika Editions has obtained a licence in agreement with the artist to reproduce the photograph as a limited edition print. Purchasing the print conveys ownership of the actual print but not the copyright, nor any licence to reproduce the image (see our terms and conditions for the legalese).

Easy and safe payment via Google Wallet

We accept all the usual credit and debit cards. These will be handled via Google Wallet. All credit/debit card details are taken by Google Wallet (formerly Google Checkout) and we have no access to your card number. To use Google Wallet you will need a Google account, sign up here if you have not already got one. This is a simple and quick process and is also built into our shopping cart process. You only need to sign up once and then you can use your Google account to buy from us and also any other website showing the Google Wallet logo.

Our free no quibble returns policy

Of course we hope you'll love your print, but if for any reason you need to return it, it won't cost you anything. See the returns page for exact details.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch either via email, or by phone on +44 (0) 20 7062 1133 or write to us at 8 Lambourn Road, London SW4 0LY.

Can't decide?

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