Residual Traces collection

Prints from the group exhibition at Photofusion curated by Bridget Coaker.

A high resolution version of our video made be seen here.

A group exhibition curated by Bridget Coaker, Troika Editions at Photofusion in Brixton.

"Cities need to have holes in them. Places where they can breathe – a valve where the unexpected can be let out" [Silke Dettmers].

Residual Traces brings together photographic projects which have engaged with the consequences of the London 2012 Olympic Games coming to one of the most deprived areas of London, the Lea Valley.

This secret pocket, loved by the locals but little known to the rest of London, was an untamed part of the East End where golfers and quad bikes played next to gasometers and scrap yards and where giant weeds dominated the river bank.

The hinterland of sprawling post-industrial wilderness, an enclave with an eclectic social mix of young artists, street gangs and run down council estates was characterised in 2007 as a "ragged hole in the city's fabric" [Andy Beckett, The Guardian].

Five years on the area has been transformed and the hole has been partially filled. New housing developments, restored tow paths, cycle tracks and organic cafes are evidence of a new era in the valley, but the older traditional society is still in residence, perhaps more marginalised than ever.

The work included in this exhibition documents aspects of this transformation.

The photographers featured are: Sophia Evans, Stephen Gill, Zed Nelson, Jason Orton, Jan Stradtmann & Gesche Würfel.

Prints sold in support of Photofusion.

17a Electric Lane
London SW9 8LA

27th July – 7th September 2012

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
11.00am – 17.00pm

Late night Thursday till 19.00pm

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