Tokyo Tokyo (Special edition including two 20.50x30.00 cm prints)

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Special Edition slipcase & 2 prints
Edition of 50


21.60 x 30.50 cm

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NB: Acrylic slipcase cover
192 pages
2 archival prints
ISBN: 978-3-03747-032-9

Published by: Kodoji Press, Switzerland, in association with The Archive of Modern Conflict, UK
Publication date: 2010

**This special edition comes with two signed and numbered archival pigment prints of the original cover image

It is contained in a see-through slipcase showing the original belly band text and bar codes


In their book "Tokyo Tokyo" WassinkLundgren explore ideas of collaboration through a subtle autobiographical reflection on their own photographic practice.

The project grew out of playing around with the idea of aiming two cameras at the same subject initially prompted by a suggestion to visualise the idea of collaboration by a Dutch magazine. Intrigued by the results Wassinklundgren took the idea to Tokyo and mapped the city through images of its inhabitants, captured from two distinct angles.

The resulting work "Tokyo Tokyo" has become more than a quirky set of street photographs with seemingly wayward compositions. It is more about the history and idea of photography itself. It turns the idea of the "decisive moment" of documentary photography around, offering instead combined moments, determined more by the act of working together than as a result of the accumulated aesthetic of the singular photographer. It is also a piece of street theatre with Wassinklundgren as the lead actors, performing as street photographers in an almost self-deprecating fashion.

In his curated exhibition "Other I" Aaron Schuman identified a shift in perception of photography from a medium used to explain the foreign and unfamiliar to a medium used to "examine, reveal and define oneself" and so here in "Tokyo Tokyo" the purpose of the work is promoted by the artist's desire to explore their own logic of working together rather than simply to show us what Tokyo looks like. It is the artist's experience that is recorded rather than the stereotypical street scene of hordes of Japanese commuters rushing about in the densely populated city. The final edit is a collection of their photographic tangos.

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