The Snowbed (Limited Edition Book)

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Hardback 7 available
Edition of 500


16.50 x 22 cm

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NB: Clothbound Hardcover
40 pages, 24 black and white pictures
ISBN: 978-0-9554470-2-0

Published by: The Photographer’s Office
Publication date: 2008

Each book has been numbered by the artist


Jan von Holleben's playful approach to photography takes a slightly darker and more enigmatic turn in his book "The Snowbed".

The photographs result from a collaboration with the dance group Sasha Waltz and the dance choreographer Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaolo, which are set against snowy landscapes, quotes from famous writers and a musical quote from Arvo Pärt in the form of part of a score.

The dancers are pictured in flight, jumping or falling, and using the simple device of turning the images through 90 or 180 degrees (something also done with some quotations later in the book) they are transformed into powerful characters in a mysterious and unresolved fairy tale.

As in his other books Jan creates an effective visual narrative that binds the disparate elements together; a picture of a jumbled pile of shoes links strongly to the next image of a jumbled figure with prominent shoes in similar positions with the occasional double page image punctuating the visual associations and maintaining an almost musical rhythm throughout the book.

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