Mutatis Mutandis (Limited Edition Book)

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Hardback 9 available
Edition of 500


16.50 x 22 cm

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NB: Clothbound Hardcover
64 pages, 26 colour pictures
ISBN: 978-0-9554470-4-4

Published by: The Photographer’s Office
Publication date: 2008

Each book has been numbered by the artist


"Homo Ludens" or "The Man who Plays", a book written by the Dutch cultural theorist Johan Huizinga is central to understanding the work of Jan von Holleben. It is through playing, Jan believes, that we discover ourselves and the nature of those we play with.

In the very playful Mutatis Mutandis Jan collaborates with the artist Sergei Sviatchenko to explore the idea of change and changeability by making collages in which photographs of animals and humans are cut and pasted together to create hybrid creatures. These creatures are then over-layed onto landscapes where they appear to dance on ropes, float above cities and generally conduct fantastical lives in our imaginations.

Hybrid beings are often seen as sad and lonely creatures, but in Mutatis Mutandis Jan has created new types, happy in their morphed existence and busy on their own journey of discovery and play.

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