Lu Xiaoben (Special box set including 22x29 cm print & DVD)

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Special Box Set
Edition of 100


25.50 x 39.50 cm

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NB: Boxed Leporello (concertina) style bound book
1 archival print

Published by: Badger and Press
Publication date: 2011

**comes in a box with a signed and numbered archival pigment print and a DVD


Half book, half tape measure, Lu Xiaoben is a witty chronicle of a Dutchman's adventure as a tall celebrity in China.

The artistic duo WassinkLundgren develop their work from the small observations of everyday life and use photography to bring into view their very particular take on life's funny moments and quirky situations.

This is very much in evidence in their book Lu Xiaoben, a series of photographs documenting the Chinese fascination with Ruben Lundgren's stature of two metres.

Lundgren went to Beijing to study for an MA at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007 and quickly found himself the subject of Chinese curiosity. His height of two metres made him stand out, literally, in the crowd and he was often approached by Chinese people asking to have their photo taken next to him.

Interested in their fascination with his height, Ruben had a "living ruler" suit made and went out into the streets of Beijing to photograph the response to him.

The result is Lu Xiaoben, which when translated means Little Ben Lu, a word play on London's Big Ben and a teasing acknowledgement of Ruben's status as a tourist attraction on the streets of Beijing.

Artist's video and more information