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21 x 12 cm

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NB: A1 folded map, double sided
1 drawing, 1 photo, essay & reference text
Lithographic duotone print on Cyclus Offset 115gsm recycled paper
ISBN 978-0-9569857-2-9

Published by: Rokov Publishing
Publication date: March 2013


An unusual catalogue accompanies Nick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch's photographic installation Hind Land.

Rochowski and Bowditch have commissioned artist Alison Moffett to produce a publication to accompany the exhibition of Hind Land. Moffett has made a pencil drawing consisting of a series of grids onto which she has overlaid a jagged circle of white dots representing the mapping references of the M25 used by Rochowski and Bowditch.

By joining up the dots Moffett offers us a new constellation of stars, echoing the pathway of the orbital motorway as if seen in the night sky. Printed on large format paper and folded like an OS Map, Moffat's Hind Land becomes a blueprint of the underground spaces created by the M25.

Artist's video and more information