Fotografien SPECIAL 2 (Book + small print of Crossing)

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27.50 x 21 cm

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NB: Hardcover
40 pages, 39 colour pictures

Printed by:
Publication date: 2010

This book is produced as an open (in theory unlimited) edition. Each book has been signed and numbered by the artist

PLEASE NOTE that as this book is printed on demand, delivery is expected to be two weeks


At first glance what you see in Christine Erhard's work are urban landscapes with roads, pedestrian walkways where buildings familiarly compete for the skyline. Everything seemingly normal and in its rightful place, nothing very remarkable.

Then you notice the large lamp hanging from the top of the picture, without any support, suspended from the sky; the spaces that don't quite make sense in an Escher like manner and suddenly the wrongness of certain proportions becomes obvious too. This is the joy and wonder of Christine's work, an elaborate facade of a reality where none exists.

Mixing found images, digital photography, household fixtures and cardboard, Christine constructs her imaginary scenes. She starts with photographs, pasting them onto pieces of cardboard, which are fashioned into the shapes of walls, steps, bridges. She then arranges these into a 3D model, placing key objects to emphasis further the idea of perspective within the 3D model space. The model is built specifically for the camera and the process of photographing it unites the various fragments, photographs and objects into a coherent visual space, produced on a unified image surface.

The result are photographs that are worth close inspection and that joyfully play with perceptions of what is real and what isn't. The book Fotografien is a collection of these constructed images arranged in double page spreads that present both the full picture and details together. This is not always immediately obvious as the detail often becomes a new scene in its own right, a world within a world, showing the extent of Christine's meticulous care in making the images.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is printed on demand and in an open edition, so the delivery time is longer than normal. (We estimate two weeks.)

Included with the book is a small print of "Crossing". For more information on the print please click here.

Crossing by photographer Christine Erhard

Artist's video and more information