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Jan Stradtmann

First shown at the Photographer's Gallery in 2008, and selected as one of the winning series for the 2008 Magenta Flash Forward Awards, Jan Stradtmann's series, "Manor Garden Allotments", is a visual memorial to the gardens that were demolished to make way for the 2012 London Olympics. read on »

Ian Teh

Ian Teh has been photographing China for over ten years, long before the tsunami of photographers arrived to photograph the rapidly changing industrial landscape and the rise of the glittering Olympian power. read on »

Kurt Tong

Since graduating from the London College of Communications with an MA in Photojournalism, Kurt Tong has been recognised as one of the most interesting documentary photographers working today. read on »

Iveta Vaivode

"Photography is my means of finding happiness" Iveta Vaivode declares. She began her career in photography as a fashion photographer, but following her studies at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth in the UK, has increasingly turned towards a more personal, landscape-based, approach to her work. read on »

Caroline de Vries

Never quite sure what she will find, Caroline de Vries uses her camera as a documenting apparatus, much like a scientist might collect specimens, recording scenes and objects which she then sorts and brings to order in her studio. read on »


WassinkLundgren is a collaboration between two Dutch artists, Thijs groot Wassink and Ruben Lundgren. They met while studying at Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands but it wasn't until after they both graduated in 2005 that they began to work together. read on »