Paul Hart

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Photographer Paul Hart talks about his book "Truncated".

Photographer Paul Hart talks about his book "Truncated".

Photographer Paul Hart talks about his book "Truncated".

Paul Hart graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Photography in 1988 and worked in advertising for six years before embarking on a freelance career focusing more on the natural world.

Over the last ten years, Hart has concentrated on black and white landscapes. In 2008 his first book "Truncated" was published by Dewi Lewis and was quickly recognised for its beauty and craftsmanship.

"Truncated" won 2nd place in the PX3 Book Award in 2009 and has been profiled in B & W (USA), AG, Silvershotz and Hotshoe Magazines.

John Lavine, Editor of B&W Magazine wrote:

"Paul Hart's intention with this book is to deepen our commitment to preserving the woodland environment; these photographs succeed beautifully"

In his essay "Meetings with Unremarkable Trees", Gerry Badger observed:

"Hart's pictures are studies in verticals - and in some cases horizontals - as stripped down and as rigorous as the stripe paintings of any minimalist. But yet again, the formalism would seem to be organic, arising naturally from the nature of the subject. Paul Hart's forest photographs, in their quiet way, stress human experience above all else."

"Truncated" has been shown at Jaggedart, London 2012; Paris Photo, 2008 and AIPAD, New York 2011.

Troika Editions is delighted to make this book available with a selenium toned silver gelatin print of "Paragon", printed by Paul Hart, in a limited edition of 50.

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