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Mehraneh Atashi

Mehraneh Atashi is an internationally acclaimed artist based in Tehran who has participated in major exhibitions around the world. read on »

Stuart Bailes

As winner of the Flashforward 2009 Magenta Foundation Award; awarded a Royal College of Art Bursary and with exhibitions in London, Boston and Paris in 2010, Stuart Bailes is quickly establishing himself as a talent to watch. read on »

Liam Bailey

The photographer Martin Parr famously once likened his role to that of a collector and Liam Bailey, who has been much inspired by his own collection of found objects, certainly falls under Parr's description. read on »

Richard Boll

In 2006 Richard Boll won the National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize with his portrait of Joe. Taken outside his flat on Brighton's seafront the winning photograph was the result of a four minute chance encounter with a total stranger. read on »

Matthew Booth

Taciturn about his art, Matthew Booth is reluctant to impose an approach to his images on the viewer. Rather his interest in making art lies in exploring the relationship between the artist and viewer and how by reducing information and colour to a minimum he can provide an almost blank canvas to which we bring our own interpretation. read on »

Aliki Braine

Aliki Braine works as both an artist and lecturer. Having studied for her BFA in Fine Art at Ruskin School, Oxford University followed by an MA at The Slade School of Fine Art Aliki then went to the Courtauld Institute to do an MA in the History of Art. This grounding in both the practice and theory of art is combined in her work as she draws upon the recurrent theme of the painted landscape. read on »

Dan Burn-Forti

Dan Burn-Forti, studied photography at Middlesex University, graduating in 1990. Working as an assistant for a short time, he quickly set up on his own, winning commissions from some of the top advertising companies and leading fashion magazines. read on »

Martin Böttcher

An architect by profession Martin Böttcher combines his keen eye for the sculptural quality of buildings with his interest in the effect light and shadow has on material surfaces in all his artistic expressions; be it painting, sculpture or photography. read on »

Braden & Campany

Polly Braden and David Campany embarked on their project "Adventure in the Valley" as an experiment in collaborative photography and as a way of exploring the photographic process. read on »

Hin Chua

Hin Chua was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, educated in Australia and now lives the United Kingdom. Hin has used his nomadic life as inspiration for his photography, capturing subjects ranging from office workers in his series, "They Called me a Corporate Whore", to urban and rural landscapes in "After the Fall". read on »

Emma Critchley

Short Listed for this year's BJP Project Award, nominated for the Paul Huf Award with Foam Magazine and recently nominated as one of the final three artists for a public art project in Brixton, London, underwater photographer Emma Critchley's career goes from strength to strength. read on »

Jan Dunning

While studying at Central St Martin's College of Art and Design for her Postgraduate Certificate in Photography, Jan Dunning attended a lecture on the techniques of pinhole photography and was immediately taken with its potential. read on »