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Jan Dunning creates a new and magical perspective on Waddesdon Manor's collection and history of evacuees from WWII: Until 28th October

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New in the bookshop: special edition + print of WassinkLundgren's Lu Xiaoben

Lu Xiaoben special edition book by photographic duo WassinkLungren.

Half book, half tape measure, Lu Xiaoben is a witty chronicle of a Dutchman's adventure as a tall celebrity in China.

The artistic duo WassinkLundgren develop their work from the small observations of everyday life and use photography to bring into view their very particular take on life's funny moments and quirky situations.

This is very much in evidence in their book Lu Xiaoben, a series of photographs documenting the Chinese fascination with Ruben Lundgren's stature of two metres.

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Troika Talk

02.04.14 posted by Bridget

Ian Teh's Traces is be on show at the Tasneem Gallery until 24 May 2014.
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The back of a bus
01.04.14 posted by Bridget

I was introduced recently to the work of Braco Dimitrijevic and loved the debunking of great person history in his series Casual Passers-By.
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Moscow on the fringes
31.03.14 posted by Bridget

Alexander Gronsky's project The Edge brought the young Latvian to the photography community's attention, winning the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2010.
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